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Four-star international Nam Cuong- Hai Duong

Four-star international hotel Nam Cuong – Hai Duong is the largest square in the new urban west TP. Hai Duong

            Four star international standard. Start construction in 2003, put into operation in use since late 2005. Located at the gateway city of Hai Duong, 43 km to Hanoi, Hai Phong 55 km, 25-storey Building Hai Duong, Nam Cuong built into the overall unity of the Trade Project – Culture – Tourism — entertainment and new urban western city of Hai Duong Province with an area of 595 ha planned.

            Located adjacent to commercial centers – a market opportunities 15 ha, senior villas Hai Duong – Plaza 13 ha recreational park – eco-tourism island 100 ha Ngoc, Thien Phu villas – Quarterfinals …. with intelligent industrial parks, industrial complexes and residential areas of the northern city of Hai Duong, Hai Duong, Nam Cuong buildings featuring modern architecture unique on campus after the 3.5 Square downtown large 7.5 ha.

             Located in the gateway city of Hai Duong, a combination hotel and office leasing, including a 27-storey building with 157 rooms and high-level, more than 7,000 m2 office rental and adjoining the house system has three features floor, where a large meeting room accommodating up to 1,000 guests. In addition, the system has four meeting rooms and small can meet the diverse needs of customers from 15 to 150 guests. Townhouse 3 storey multi-purpose system Eurasian restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, mini golf, health care center with services such as gym fitness, Aerobic, Sauna, hydraulic, sauna, massage. Amusement is a bi-snookers, darts, high speed internet … In addition, the system 31 physiotherapy rooms including seven double rooms will bring you moments of relaxation … Equipped with fully equipped with 6 lifts, reserved for the masses energy, technical basement, parking, 24/24 camera systems, security systems, fire protection according to international standards, modern air conditioning system … … and many other utilities. Nam Cuong – Hai Duong Hotel is really a modern tower to meet increasing needs of businesses and tourists in the country and internationally. Nam Cuong Hai Duong to the ecotourism market bottom about 500 meters, only 10 minutes walk you will reach populations of the entertainment, tourism and sports is impressive.

For more information, please contact:

Website: nacimexhotels.com.vn

Tel: 0320 3 894 888

E_mail sales@nacimexhotels.com.vn

Hotel Nam Cuong – Hai Duong

Address: 10 avenue 30/10 – Central Square – Hai Duong

Fax: 0320 3 894 777

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Nam Cường Hải Dương Hotel

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Khách sạn Nam Cường Hải Dương hotel

Khách sạn 4 sao Nam Cường Hải Dương

Khách sạn Nam Cường  Hải Dương

Địa chỉ: Số 10 Đại lộ 30/10 - Quảng trường trung tâm - Thành phố Hải Dương

Điện thoại: (84-320) 3894 888

Fax: (84-320) 3894 777

Đặt phòng: (84-320) 3898 555

Email: sales@namcuonghaiduonghotel.com.vn

Website: www.namcuonghaiduonghotel.com.vn

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