Investor: Nam Cuong Corporation

Land area: 47.257 m2

Scale: 246 apartments with 3 floors, 1 tumor

Area of the villa: 161 – 202m2

Building density: under 60%


Located in the center of the Duong Noi Township, An Phu Shop-villa scale of 47.257m2 is planned to become a complete sub-area, serving the living and business needs of residents. An Phu Shop-villa inherits full benefits of the transport infrastructure system (direct connection with many main roads of Hanoi such as To Huu – Le Van Luong street, Nguyen Trai street, 6A Highway and Thang Long Boulevard…), and outstanding facilities of the Duong Noi Township.

The world’s leading designer CPG Consultants Singapore is inspired by the Green Living concept to design each line of luxury, unique, delicate for each villa, creating the feeling of harmony, maximizing the natural flow of sunshine and gentle wind into each room.

An Phu Shop-villa includes 246 unit with a construction density of 60%. Each villa is designed with 3 floors and 1 tumor, from 161m2 to 202m2, in which the entire ground floor is designed spacious and wide to optimize business needs. The owner could use it for expanding their own business or rent it to earn regular monthly income.