Location: To Huu Street, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City

Planning area: 55.000 m2

Main functional areas: Complex of  commercial centers and offices

Development orientation: To become a busy, civilized, and community-based cultural township with the goal of sustainable community development. In a harmony of Human – Nature – Comprehensive Development of all generations.

Living Concept: Eco-well being

Core values: Education – Ecology – Commerce


In October 7th, on To Huu street (the extended Le Van Luong Street), Nam Cuong Corporation has kicked off the 27-floor office building. This is a class A office building with 55,000 m2 of office space for lease, scheduled to be put into operation in 2010.

The 27-floor building is the first of its kind in the high-end office complex – an international hotel with 550 rooms and luxury apartments with 200 apartments in Duong Noi Township, Ha Dong City.

The office-hotel complex with high-class apartments for rent is located on a 45,000 square meter site along the 7.8 km long To Huu – the extended Le Van Luong Street. The road runs parallel to Nguyen Trai Street connecting Ha Dong Ward and Ha Noi City to reduce the load on Nguyen Trai Road.

The route planned is modern and synchronous with the 40m sections, with 10 m2 pavements, and buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, services are planned along the whole route.

This office building with space for lease is designed to meet the highest technical standards of high-class office buildings:

1. Lighting for public areas.
2. Security personnel and 24/7 digital camera system.
3. Parking: free parking for cars and motorcycles, bicycles during working hours.
4. The fire safety system standards are as follows:
– NFPA (national Fire Protection Association Standard).
– TCVN and PCCC.
– TCVN 6160: 1996 Fire protection. Skyscraper. Design requirements.
– British Standard BS5588 – 1985: Fire protection for works (applied to design, install, test ventilation system in fire stairs).
5. Central air conditioning and ventilation system.
6. Telephone system, broadband internet, high speed.
7. 8 elevators, international standard, high speed 2 m/s.
8. Back-up power system: sufficient capacity for all building equipment in the event of power failure.
9. International standard fire protection system, automatic fire sprinkler system in the basement with water throat.
10. Sound insulation.
11. Standard lighting system.
12. Concrete flooring with carpet.

The building is primarily an office building for rent, there are also spaces for the ancilliary services as: garden landscaping, parking lots, café and other services.

Upon completion of this high-end service complex, it is not only a highlight of the landscape architecture of the Ha Dong urban backbone but also the existing buildings and many cultural projects under construction .ect will help Ha Dong to become a new, modern center of Hanoi.