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Khu Thương mại – Văn hoá – Du lịch

(29/07/2016) Quyết định số 353/ QĐ- TTG Ngày 01/04/2003 của Thủ tướng Chính phủ


Chuong My new urban area

(29/07/2016) Designed on the general programming ofJust next to Quoc Oai new urban area, Chuong My ecological urban area with total programming area of 946.184 ha,


Quoc Oai commercial new urban area

(29/07/2016) Located in cross point between two life-line routes in the east of Hanoi: South-North socio-economic development route and Lang-Hoa Lac Highway,


Thach Phuc new urban area

(29/07/2016) Thach Phuc new urban area, which abuts on National Road No.32, 17 km far from Phuc Tho and Thach That districts,


Khu Chung cư cao cấp CT3 – Hoàng Quốc Việt Residentials

(29/07/2016) Chung cư Cao cấp CT3 - Hoàng Quốc Việt Residentials là Tổ hợp chung cư cao cấp gồm 4 đơn nguyên A, B, C, D nằm trên diện tích khu đất 12.638 m2 – diện tích xây dựng 3416 m2, đạt chỉ tiêu xây dựng 27%.


Hoang Quoc Vietnam Residentials Apartment (EIA Co Nhue)

(29/07/2016) Nam Cuong Group to announce that the open-plan apartment sales Hoang Quoc Vietnam Residentials (EIA Co Nhue) from the 2nd day February 16, 2009.


Run the 27-storey building on Le Van Luong extended

(29/07/2016) 7 / 10, the extended Le Van Luong, Nam Cuong Group have carried out starting the high-level office building 27 floors.


Commercial center and a market-Do Nghia

(29/07/2016) Located in the overall Duong Noi New Urban Area, adjoining the Ring Road junction 4 and Le Van Luong long.


Senior villas Villas TayDo

(29/07/2016) U.S. West Villas located on the campus of Western Cities municipality has a total area of 109.9ha, in which the total area of the campus in 1959 villa is 91.9ha with construction density of 60%.


Combination apartment Le Van Luong Residentials – EIA Duong Noi

(29/07/2016) Combination of 25-storey apartment Residentials Le Van Luong Duong Noi in the EIA was conducted Group started the first of two plaintiffs in early March 2009,

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