The foundation of Nam Cuong Corporation was built on the aspirations and ideals of its Founder, which have been passed on to, inspired, created solidarity in and lead thefollowing generations. That inspiration has become the cultural identity of Nam Cuong Corporation. It is both inherited and promoted by the younger generation, in a way that resonates with the many thousands of employees of the Corporation during each successive development program and in all fields of operation, production and business of Nam Cuong Corporation.

The power of this solidarity has guided all employees of Nam Cuong Corporation to always look in the same direction, marching to the same rhythm, and working to continue writing the next pages of the Corporation’s history in a new atmosphere, with new opportunities and new challenges. Promoting internal resources, in combination with external forces, developing staff based on the criteria: Discipline – Professional – Cooperation – Creation – Effect, maximizing the benefits to the community and to customers through high-quality products and construction works that bear the name: Nam Cuong Corporation.