26 May, 2018

An Khang Villa: The high-class villa overlooking the lake park

The villas overlooking the lake always satisfy the entrepreneurial success by providing green living space and closing to nature. An Khang Villa are located in the center of the Duong Noi Township at the Western section of Hanoi Capital, enjoying full benefits from the Astronomy Theme Park with green trees and 6ha of water surface.

The downside of urbanization is that it causes direct harm to human life. Going back to nature and living close to the water, with a park filled with green trees, is a great way for people to feel happy every day, bringing about sustainable values.

An Khang Villa has a wide view towards the lake park, which makes the rooms always full of sunshine and breeze.

How can we live in the city to enjoy all of the modern facilities and, at the same time, enjoy the fresh air of a large natural lake park? These two opposing views are converged at An Khang Villa in the Duong Noi Township – the green lung in the heart of the capital.

Ecological space

Located within the large green spaces of the 12-ha Astronomy Theme Park, the 6-ha breezy refreshing lake has an important role in regulating the climate of the Duong Noi Township.

At the Astronomy Theme Park, An Khang Villa’s residents have the opportunity to view the vast landscape stretching into the distance, and to enjoy the beautiful green scenery. Public spaces in the park and lakeside walkways are ideal for outdoor activities as well as physical activities such as walking, jogging and exercise, creating a physical and mental, emotional connection in the community.

An Khang Villa has two fronts, with the front side 11.5 m wide and the back side 7 m wide.

Perfect utilities

This breakthrough in infrastructure and planning in the South-Western Hanoi is attracting a series of large investors pouring in capital in order to develop many modern projects on an international scale. Many utility services have been developed such as AEON Mall’s state-of-the-art shopping center, as well as the BRT Express bus service and the high-speed rail service (going into operation soon), which will help residents travel easily to the key destinations of the capital.

The first Southeast Asian Outdoor Astronomy Theme Park promises to bring the region’s residents a scientific amusement park.

Besides this, An Khang Villa enjoys the complete facilities of the Duong Noi Township such as the high quality inter-school system, Nam Cuong International Hospital, and An Phu Shop-villa. In particular, the Southeast-Asia’s first Outdoor Astronomy Theme Park which has been built this year promises to bring residents of the area fun and exciting discoveries.

With these outstanding advantages, now An Khang Villa has only about 90 villas that are still waiting for the owners of real authenticity. Live at An Khang Villa to experience a high-class living with a full range of utilities in an ecological harmony space closed to nature.