26 May, 2018

An Phu Shop-villa: Selection of Successful Young People

Successful young people are always looking for smart investment opportunities to meet the needs of life. A pioneer in the model of integrated business functions in Vietnam, An Phu Shop-villa is the ideal choice for young people with outstanding achievements.

An Phu Shop-villa possesses great commercial potential, suitable for many types of business.

A unique commercial villa located in the 200 ha township

Commercial mansions are gaining in popularity, and major real estate brands have also begun to compete in this segment. Typical of this progressive trend is the Nam Cuong Corporation with commercial villas known as An Phu Shop-villa.

An Phu Shop-villa is attracting many customers, especially young customers who are successful, bold in business ideas, and seize good opportunities, because this is a new model shophouse in the planning of the synchronized urban area of the ​​Duong Noi Township. Compared with traditional townhouses, this new commercial villa model is far superior thanks to the advantage of the synchronous infrastructure system, with a diversified customer base, and focus from the residents of the urban area and from the customers of the trade center.

An Phu Shop-villa is the only commercial villa model planned in the Duong Noi Township with nearly 200 ha in the new central area of the city.

Located on a 27-m wide street with four lanes of traffic, the villas at An Phu Shop-villa have great commercial potential, suitable for many types of business, from food and home appliances to luxury furniture, fashion showrooms, cosmetics, clinics, etc.

Harmonious combination in a high-class living space

An Phu Shop-villa is a model of modern commercial villas that not only ensure business goals but also are more harmonious with the comforts of living, providing a better quality of life for the owners.

Successful young people are the most up-to-date consumers of the new lifestyle trends in the world. The “Green” Life, enjoying life in an ecological environment, has a lot of people interested and responding. An Phu Shop-villa is designed to welcome the trend of the world while harmoniously combining both a shop and a mansion house into a villa for a green and peaceful life, especially highlighting the factors to serve the needs of society.

An Phu Shop-villa are designed to welcome the global trend with the harmonious combination of both a shop and a mansion house into a villa for a green and peaceful life.

With their exquisite design, An Phu Shop-villa is arranged separately with the living space on the second floor, so that maximum privacy and comfort are guaranteed for homeowners. Besides this, An Phu Shop-villa includes the space behind the house to inspire the warm living by arranging the green walkway, with the main part facing the street through the garden space and the other side facing the street. With this design, the owners can enjoy living close to nature, as well as creating space between members of the family.

Located in the first Zero-Energy urban area in Vietnam, integrated complete facilities such as a school system, international hospital, 4-seasons swimming pool, and home of the 12-ha Astronomy Park, An Phu Shop-villa are planned to become a complete self-contained area, and the number one choice to meet the living and business needs of successful young people.