26 May, 2018

The luxury apartment complex setting up a 2,000 m2 playground for children

When researching and developing Anland Complex, Nam Cuong Corporation has positioned it as a high-end apartment building aimed at young families, creating the best development conditions for children. In addition to the comprehensive educational environment, Anland Complex also uses 2,000 m2 for gardens and landscaping, plus a variety of games for exercise and intellectual development.

Anland Complex – devoted to love for children

Anland Complex brings all the love for children

With a low construction density of only 35%, Nam Cuong Corporation investor have created Anland Complex with the idea of giving the best things to the children, and creating a natural living environment, so that the children are developed fully and comprehensively.

Each home in Anland Complex has a smart design, making the most of the space with large windows to welcome the sun and the natural wind. Located in the Duong Noi Township, with the directional energy balance of Zero-Energy, Anland Complex is surrounded by 200 ha of green clusters of trees, a lake, and a park. So, residents and visitors are constantly breathing in the fresh air.

Green ideas are even more profound when turning balconies into the mother’s garden where vegetables are grown, providing safe food, nutrition and health care for children and the whole family.

Anland Complex also sets up a garden area of 2,000 m2 with a variety of games for the children to stimulate and develop their intellect.

Anland Complex is where the children can run barefoot on the grass and freely develop their creativity in the Childhood’s Garden with an area of up to 2,000 m2 and a rich variety of entertainment items such as a pet garden, bird nests, music garden, stage, playing tank, fruit-tree garden, grass slope, etc. In this garden, children will have an opportunity to experience their childhoods in their own way because they can immerse themselves in discovering nature.

For accommodation of family moments, there is also an outdoor space in the Childhood’s Garden for outdoor barbecue parties, wooden tents and tree houses, where parents can have fun with their children during the weekend. The parents can also explore the nature with their children through the garden with a variety of flowers, such as star orchids, butterfly flowers, chrysanthemums, elegant zinnias, petunias, sunflowers, golden shrimp plants, climbing roses, rose apple trees, and others.

The garden at night will be extremely shimmering, colored by an advanced lighting system with spotlights, led lights, and many other types of lights. The 2,000 m2 Childhood’s Garden is not only the place where children are happy to play, but also this is where the family can stay together, contributing to the beautiful scenery, which is an impressive point for Anland Complex.

Anland, where the children can run barefoot on the grass to freely develop their innocence and creativity.

We want to create not only better, more sustainable buildings, but also desire to create a sustainable community in which every family is truly a home where parents provide full security, just like the name of the project“, said a representative of Nam Cuong Corporation.