Through the building of infrastructure, urban development, hospitality and tourism, Nam Cuong Group aims to deliver qualtiy investment and exceptional services to contribute to the sustainable industrialization and modernization of Vietnam.

The Core Values of the brand Nam Cuong:

Over the past 26 years Nam Cuong Group has created the floor for many businesses, industries and communities to prosper. The success of the brand today is due to our stong and dedicated brand development based on 6 core values of quality and effciency. Together they make the pillars of the brand development of Nam Cuong Group.



The first pillar: Produce quality of the highest standards

The Second pillar: Provide exceptional and professional services

The Third pillar: Respected as a trusted and valued partner

The Fourth pillar: Create an encouraging and productive working environment

The Fifth pillar: Uphold and adhere to social resposiblity

The Sixth pillar: Build secure foundations for sustainable growth