26 May, 2018

Nam Cuong Corporation leading in the development of Zero-Energy Townships

The International Workshop “Developing the first Zero-Energy Township in Vietnam” will be held on March 7, 2017 with the participation of reputable experts from Denmark, IFC – a member of the World Bank Group and companies specializing in providing the world’s leading green-building solutions and equipments.

Greener and More Sustainable Living

The experience of building the green township of Fujisawa (Japan) was also a remarkable highlight of the workshop. The green and eco-township construction project is being implemented by Panasonic Corporation and other companies with a green housing model and smart technology. Fujisawa, which was built on the former site of the Panasonic factory, will be developed to be the smartest and the most eco-friendly township with 1,000 houses and infrastructure facilities (shops, hospitals, nursing homes, green parks, etc.). Each apartment will be equipped with intelligent appliances for energy efficiency, namely reducing carbon emissions by 70 percent and water usage by 30 percent. The solar power supply system will meet 70% of the household’s electricity needs (in case of insufficient power, additional battery systems will be provided).

In addition, the participants will be informed about the EDGE Certificate System. The solar energy utilization solutions in SolarBK’s buildings and the innovative and energy-efficient pump system applications of Grundfos Company were also presented at this workshop.

Duong Noi Township – The first Zero-Energy Township in Vietnam

According to the IFC, buildings in fast-growing economies like Vietnam are using more than 30% of total energy consumption. Meanwhile, Vietnam is one of the countries most affected by climate change. At present, the number of certified green buildings all over the country is very limited, mainly office buildings and supermarkets. The development of high-rise apartment buildings that are green buildings is an opportunity for increasing the living quality of residents, reducing energy consumption, and contributing to environmental protection.

The developments of Zero-Energy Townships are the next ambitious step in developing green buildings. This model has been successful all over the world and was first introduced in Vietnam. Typically, Duong Noi Township – the first Zero-Energy township in Vietnam was developed by Nam Cuong Corporation with the design of using renewable energy and energy saving, self balanced energy consumption with the ability to use solar energy, wind power, automatic waste-water treatment, etc. in order to bring an Eco-well being lifestyle to all residents.

The first Zero-Energy Township in Vietnam

As a leading property developer, Nam Cuong Corporation has the goal to develop the first internationally-certificated green townships in Vietnam. Nam Cuong Corporation has cooperated with the world’s leading partners to accomplish this goal.

Nam Cuong Corporation is planning to develop the Duong Noi Township to be the first Zero-Energy Township with almost no energy consumption in Vietnam. Initially, Anland Complex and An Phu Shop-villa were built as per the standards of the EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Certification – a global voluntary certification system for buildings which have an efficient use of resources, create green technical solutions and maximize the energy-saving ability – by Nam Cuong Corporation. In particular, Anland Complex and An Phu Shop Villa were designed to reduce energy consumption by 20% to 27%, meaning that the residents will save money on their monthly bills.

An Phu Shop-villa were built as per the standards of the EDGE Certification by Nam Cuong Corporation.

Nam Cuong Corporation has set the goal, from now up to 2020, to make the EDGE Certification the standard for all its properties; to become a center for sharing green building development experience with developers and design teams; and to become a reliable real estate developer for customers who are choosing apartments/houses with a greener and more sustainable way of living.

From the perspective of a real-estate developer who puts people at the heart of our effort and inspiration, we place great value on our responsibility to millions of residents, including not just today but also those of future generations. The development of green buildings with the aim to increase energy efficiency and conserve energy resources will create significant value for the ecosystem and society. Nam Cuong Corporation will focus on developing projects that benefit the community, contribute to environment protection, and reduce dependency on fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources. We aim at sustainable development and the implementation of corporate social responsibility in the long-term” – said Ms. Tran Thi Quynh Ngoc, Deputy Chairwoman of Nam Cuong Corporation.

It is well known that the Duong Noi Township has a high density of trees per capita, many adjacent parks providing rich vegetation, and outdoor facilities close to nature. In the heart of the township, there is the Harmony Lake with an area of 12 hectares, beautiful marinas and the Music Park of nearly 6 hectares with a guitar-shaped lake, promising to be an ideal amusement location for all residents in the township. Especially, the first Astronomical Theme Park in Hanoi, which is located in the Duong Noi Township and was developed by Nam Cuong Corporation with an area of more than 12 hectares in cooperation with experts of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), is expected to bring a new lifestyle to the people of Hanoi.

Nam Cuong Corporation is the leading developer in green-sustainable township development in Vietnam. This is reflected through the townships where Nam Cuong Corporation is a developer, with the orientation toward sustainable development in order to improve the living quality of the Vietnamese people.