26 May, 2018

Owning Anland high-grade apartment only from VND 350 million

With the support of the developers and bank loans, customers can own Anland Complex (Anland) high-grade apartments which is located right at the gateway of the Duong Noi Township only from VND 350 million. This is a new project that Nam Cuong Corporation has launched into the market.

Anland apartments are equipped with high-end equipment and materials

An apartments is finished with high-class fittings

It is difficult to compare the prices of apartments in different projects because the conditions of completion are very different. If customers decide to buy less expensive apartments that have been finished with poor quality furniture, doors and electric lights, they must spend hundreds of millions of VND more after receiving their apartments.

With Anland, customers can just carry their suitcases into their homes right away because the apartment has been almost completed in terms of furnishings. All apartments were equipped with high-end equipment imported directly from Europe, such as high-quality Porta doors, Paffoni showers, Teka magnetic cookers and hoods, as well as many quality materials, such as Inova water-resistant wooden floors, Lockhome electronic fingerprint locks, Daikin and Mitsubishi air conditioners, Toto sanitary wares, etc. In addition, Anland apartments are fitted with kitchen cabinets, so that residents can move in immediately without renovating or purchasing more overly expensive equipment as must be done in other projects.

Each apartment in the Anland is designed intelligently to receive sunlight and natural breezes with a wide view overlooking the fresh airy park.

Nam Cuong Corporation has chosen Coteccons as its design and construction partner – a prestigious supplier in the market for quality construction that ensures progress. Anland is expected to be handed-over in the second quarter of 2018.

High discount – Great financial support

Customers who purchase Anland will receive a discount of up to 7% of the total value of their apartments when purchasing before March 31st, 2017. Not only that, customers who buy 3-bedroom apartments will also get one free year of car parking.

For those with financial needs, TPBank, a bank that has financed Anland projects, is ready to support up to 75% of the total value of their apartments with an interest rate of 6.9% in the first 6 months. This offer from TPBank will help many customers, especially young people, officers, and others, with an initial accumulation of only VND 350 million to be able to own a two-bedroom apartment at Anland, along with the modern synchronous facilities of Duong Noi Township, ensuring the perfect living in high quality in Hanoi.

The policies that support customers buying apartments with the commitment of handing over apartment ownership certificates to customers, will confirm the prestige of Nam Cuong Corporation and Anland Complex.

Owning an Eco-well being home

Located in a prime location at the gateway to the West of Hanoi Capital, next to 40m wide To Huu Road, Anland has chosen an entirely new living solution for young households. Anland appears as a prosperous oasis, with a construction density of just 35% comprising two high-rise apartment 25-storey buildings and 551 high-end apartments.

Coming to Anland, the families can have their own “home” only from 350 million VND

Anland will bring a unique design of three greening layers to all residents. Each apartment is greened from indoors to the balcony in the green environment of the Duong Noi Township. Anland which was designed in accordance of the EDGE Certification of the IFC under the World Bank Group, can reduce energy consumption by 20%-27%, meaning that the residents will save a corresponding amount of money on their monthly bills.

Anland is an Eco-well being home where children are able to run barefoot on the grass, learn and explore through their mothers’ gardens at loggia, a 2000m2 garden with fruit trees and 35 playground items including a pet garden, bird’s nest, music garden, stage, playing tank, fruit-tree garden, multi-purpose yard, grass field, and others.

The 12-ha Astronomical Theme Park with the central Harmony Lake

Located in the Duong Noi Township, which was developed as per the standards of a Zero-Energy township by Nam Cuong Corporation, Anland includes full range of modern and classy facilities such as Nam Cuong International Hospital, the first Astronomical Theme Park in Vietnam, four-seasons swimming pools with international standards, etc. In addition, its residents can also utilise other public facilities, such as International Schools, Le Quy Don Secondary School, Olympia International School, etc. which create a diverse educational environment for the children, and a medical system with international standards to contribute to the health of all residents living in the Duong Noi Township in particular, and the region in general.