26 May, 2018

Green architecture for the community

Developing green building projects is the direction that Nam Cuong Corporation is pursuing for long-term and sustainable benefits. Nam Cuong Corporation has developed a series of “Green – Smart – Sustainable” projects, such as the Duong Noi Township, Anland Complex, An Phu Shop-villa, and others.

Creating a green and peaceful land

Nam Cuong Corporation has set the goal, from now up to 2020, to make standards of the Green International Certification  for all of its properties, to become a center for sharing green building development experience with developers and design teams, and to become a reliable real-estate developer for customers when choosing apartments with a greener and more sustainable way of life.

An Phu Shop Villa – one of the high-end products of Nam Cuong Corporation’s investment and development

Green architecture is one of the key elements of sustainable development in construction. Sustainability is also a factor in the conservation of the ecology and the environment, the efficient use of space, and the use of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving materials placed next to amenities and facilities”, a representative leader of Nam Cuong Corporation confirmed.

Nam Cuong Corporation’s desire to create the Eco-wellbeing land and Anland Complex is one such project. This is one of the very few high-end projects in Vietnam that holds the EDGE (Global Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Certificate of Eligibility from the IFC (International Finance Corporation) of the World Bank Group. 

Achieving the EDGE Certification means that Anland Complex saves up to 28% of the electricity, water and energy used for consumption. As a result, the owners of each apartment will save the corresponding amount on each utility bill.

The Duong Noi Township has being oriented and developed into the first Zero-Energy project in Vietnam

After Anland Complex, An Phu Shop-villa was built according to EDGE Certification standards. Nam Cuong Corporation’s representative also revealed that Nam Cuong Corporation is orienting to develop the Duong Noi Township into the first energy-balanced township in Vietnam. This project is designed to use renewable energy and save energy, by self-balancing energy usage with the ability to use solar energy, wind power, automatic wastewater treatment, etc. in order to provide the real “Eco-Wellbeing” for the residents.

Nurturing science

One of the projects that shows the stature of Nam Cuong Corporation and brings many values ​​to the community is the 12-ha Astronomy Park. This is one of the few large lake parks in the southwest area of Hanoi that have been designed as an ideal environment for entertainment, recreation and space. Residents, students and visitors can explore and experience the mysteries of the universe here.

In addition to working with the IFC to develop green buildings, the group has joined hands with the EGO Group, a design company from Italy, to create the landscapes. Recently, Nam Cuong Corporation has also worked with the Japanese technology firm Panasonic to discuss solutions for the development of a green, safe and intelligent the Duong Noi Township. In addition, Nam Cuong Corporation and Slavia Capital International Investment Group signed an agreement to develop projects in Hai Duong Province. According to the extensive cooperation in the memorandum of understanding, the two sides will jointly invest with EU partners in the transfer of technology, management, research, utilization and centralized development of the projects that Nam Cuong Corporation are building there.  

Vice Chairman of Nam Cuong Corporation, Ms.Tran Thi Quynh Ngoc (right) at the signing ceremony of cooperation between the IFC and Nam Cuong Corporation to promote green buildings

These plans are just a few of Nam Cuong Corporation’s many progressive actions to bring residents a “Green – Smart – Sustainable” life.